Invidia Exhaust install on a 09 WRX Sedan!

We don’t get many 09 WRX’s around, especially sedans. It was a treat when a good customer came in asking for the best exhaust for the car that didn’t have a drone or was loud. He also wanted to make sure that he didn’t want a melon shooter style canister. Enter the Invidia Q300 exhaust.

To tell you the truth, the stock exhaust is pretty sad. It’s an eye sore, heavy, and the piping is very narrow. We will change that.

We pulled the exhaust off. We unbolted this and it was quite easy.

Mufflers came off with no problem.

Big difference in the size of the muffler. You can see the Invidia muffler is smaller and it was lighter. The muffler tip was nice and rolled for great looks.

A high quality resonator is going to reduce the drone and the large diameter piping is going to help the flow. Horsepower please!

Even the piping to the mufflers are larger diameter that increases the flow.

You can notice the difference right away with the piping. The customer was super excited at this point.

Here’s the catback on the car. Looked amazing!

The mufflers are great looking but doesn’t draw too much bad attention. The exhaust sounded quiet but had the rumble.



Well, hello! Where have we been?

So it’s been a while since I’ve posted any updates on our blog. There’s a few reasons why and none of them have to do with Charlie Sheen (does anyone talk about that tool much any more?). We’ve been busy planning, moving, and setting up our new shop location meaning we had to literally shut down operations for about month and move customer cars, all of our equipment, tools, parts, and set up new racks in the back.

I took the liberty of taking crappy iPhone teaser pics of the shop. Here’s Danny with his luxurious hair in the customer lounge. See that on the right? That’s the restroom. You no longer have to walk through the garage to our bathroom. You can sit comfortably sit in the lounge and listen to people drop deuces.

The boss man himself at the front desk looking up some stuff on the computer. I wish I could tell you what he was looking at, but it’s probably top secret.Ya know, like ways to take over the world.

Our buddy Aaron dropped by to check out the shop. Yep, he’s THE Aaron that drives the Fontana Nissan Silvia (don’t call it a 240sx). He drove with his baller G37 Sedan. So here are the teaser pics of the shop. We’ll have more info tomorrow including phone number and address to our new shop!


We made it on the cover of Performance Business Magazine!

We are proud to announce that our friends at Turbo By Garrett helped us get on the cover of Performance Business Magazine!

Our first small cover image! Yay!


It’s been a while… sorry. We’re going Global! (Time Attack)

It’s been a while since I’ve updated. Sorry. Things at the shop have been normal when it comes to customers and parts that we’ve been receiving. We’ve got couple new sponsors and we’ll announce them shortly.

What we’re totally stoked about is this weekend. Global Time Attack has personally invited us to compete in their series. Yep, it’s one of those series where you have to be invited to compete. Why? To keep out the riff-raff or cars that don’t really meet the requirements of a higher level of racing / time attack.

Do yourself a favor and “like” them on Facebook. We’re also going to have Clint Boisdeau drive our WRX again and he’s also going to be competing in the Ford Focus, looking to break the Front Wheel Drive record with it. He’s telling me that the 1:26.xxx lap time that our friend Thomas Smith drove at Willowsprings last year (record lap) is going to be a tough one to go against but he’ll try!

Make sure you guys are linked in our Facebook page for the latest updates during the event. Thanks guys!


A blast from the past

Check out what I found when I was going through the computer this morning:

Man, this car has gone through some changes haha


MotoIQ features our win at Firebird International Raceway

Our friend Laura Heng from MotoIQ Berk Technology (BTW, totally awesome person!) wrote the recap from last weekend at Redline Time Attack round 2 at Firebird International Raceway!

Clint Boisdeau was able to break two records in one event.  The street AWD & FWD records now belong to the Apollo Performance Subaru WRX & Ford Focus.

In the Pro Time Attack series 2009 and 2010 Redline Time Attack Champion, Clint Boisdeau in the Apollo Performace Ford Focus and Apollo Performance Subaru WRX broke both street FWD and AWD records in the same event.  A feat that has never been done before.  Hats off to Clint and the crew at Apollo Performance who have really paid their dues to get to this point.

Clint Boisdeau in the Apollo Performance Subaru WRX was able to break the Street AWD record with a time of 1:07.482.  The Apollo car has come a long way since 2010 and now has two back to back wins in Street AWD. 

Clint does it again in the Street FWD class in the Apollo Performance Ford Focus.  Taking home 1st and the new record with a 1:09.499.

Next stop, Willowsprings International Raceway in a few weeks. We’re going to make our way to history.


The Red WRX Time Attack car, is now a TV Star.

Our friend Jason Noren, from Jason Noren Fabrications (he does our metal work / roll cage / drinks Coors Light) snapped this picture of our red WRX Time Attack car on ESPN2 through their coverage of Global Rally Cross!

So I guess our WRX is gonna need an entourage and a limo where ever she goes now.

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