Apollo Performance Time Attack WRX: Interior gutting 2

We continued on our way on the gutting of the Apollo Performance Time Attack WRX.

We took the time to take out the seats and the center console. We have to retain the center console per the street class rules but we don’t have to keep the carpet, headliner, or anything else that isn’t needed. We started to take out the unnecessary metal.

Headliner came out but we had to fold it like a taco to have it come out.

Out came out the rear seats.

The trunk was emptied of most of it’s contents so that Danny could get in there.

The big stuff / aftermath.

The b-pillar plastics and the seat belts were removed along with a ton of metal that went along the frame of the car.

Now out comes the carpet!

Here’s the bare floor. Now, to remove unnecessary metal from the floor. The Subaru has a lot of sound deadening as well which we will also remove.

For example, this dead pedal mount. We don’t need it. Extra weight.

We also took out the dash and the dash bar. That insulation that is on the firewall was super heavy as well. We took out the heater unit since we’re not going to need it. We hope that we took out a good amount of weight (close to 100lbs.) and we’re still not done. We have to take out the sound deadening and that should be coming up next! Stay tuned!


1 Response to “Apollo Performance Time Attack WRX: Interior gutting 2”

  1. 1 Mikebdub
    January 26, 2010 at 7:58 pm

    Gutting the car is definitely a bitch but it will be worth it once your car is all done

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