Apollo Performance now sponsored by Clutch Masters!

Apollo Performance is proud to team up with Clutch Masters for the 2010 Time Attack season while showcasing their extremely strong, versatile, and outstanding Stage 4 FX400 Six Puck clutch kit and stainless steel flywheel.

Luis from Clutch Masters was nice enough to bring us our FX400 clutch kit. He told us that this clutch is strong enough to take the punishment that our (hopefully) 550whp motor will put out.

Check out the difference from the RPS clutch that we used to have on the WRX compared to the FX400 Clutch Masters kit that we were supplied. Quite a difference from the picture. The cool thing about this clutch is that it can be used for both the 5 speed and the 6 speed. Meaning you 5 speed guys that are looking to go for a swap, you have one less thing to purchase or worry about. Luckily for us, our 5 speed is already built for massive power.

That’s what we’re planning to do.

The flywheel that Clutch Masters also provided us was a work of art. It’s SFI rated so it’s been tested and approved for racing and it’s pretty well built. We’re looking forward to putting it on.

As much as power mods are important, a clutch would have to be one of the most important component because you need the power to go to the ground which a clutch will help. The Flywheel will help you rev faster as well.

Apollo Performance is now offering SPECIAL pricing on all Clutch Masters Clutches with hugely discounted installation to celebrate our sponsorship. Please contact us so that we can share with you, our support for a great product and company.


1 Response to “Apollo Performance now sponsored by Clutch Masters!”

  1. 1 Martin
    January 29, 2010 at 1:40 pm

    Wow I like your guys sti shot glasses in da back ground!! Haha!!….keep up the good work guys! Love the blog!

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