The old 2.5 STi motor comes out of the Time Attack WRX

We spent only a few minutes taking the old motor out. Danny just had to unplug a few harnesses and hoses and it was ready to come out.

There was nothing wrong with this motor. It was a fully built STi block with CP pistons, ARP head studs, and it made a quite good amount of power.

Sad part was that we didn’t really get a chance to romp this motor on the track. It had a few passes on the dyno, on the street, that’s about it. It found a new home already which we are happy about. This motor will make a driver out there, VERY happy.

Where do we go next? Well we are building a fully built, closed-deck, 2.5 STi motor. This motor will easily hold 600hp and take the punishment that we are prepared to unleash on it for the Time Attack season.

Sad to see this motor go, but we have bigger and better power to make! If you’re interested in a similar set up as our Time Attack WRX, please contact us and we can build you your dream motor!


1 Response to “The old 2.5 STi motor comes out of the Time Attack WRX”

  1. 1 Mikebdub
    February 12, 2010 at 4:47 am

    That found a home in my engine bay! Thanks again Gino!

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