Apollo Performance 30k Service: Behind the scenes!

Many people don’t know what exactly goes on when we take a car in for a 30K or any other major milestone service. At Apollo Performance, we really want to make sure that your car gets the most out of the service and at the same time, not hit your pocket book so hard.

Here’s Danny checking the potency of the coolant. Subaru factory coolant is actually pretty stout. However, sometimes depending on the condition we will change it. We always inspect the coolant and will let the customer know if he or she needs to change it.

First, the transmission fluid is being drained and the drain plug is inspected for debris.

Here we are greasing up the main bushings of the rear suspension. Both the lateral trailing arms and the sway bars get a shot of grease by a special air gun that really allow the grease to get into the bushings.

Rear differential fluid is also changed out and filled. We recommend with any of services, MOTUL fluids with an additional charge.

Here we are draining the motor oil. We always replace it with OE Recommended specs and with synthetic oils. Additionally, we always change the filter at the same time.

Lastly, the brakes get bled with a special tool that bleeds the brakes that uses air pressure to remove all excess bubbles. After bleeding these brakes most customers notice an immediate difference in pedal feel instantly.

Make sure you make your appointment when it comes to your scheduled services and we’ll make sure that your Subaru is well taken care of!


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