The Full Race twin scroll up pipe and exhaust manifold arrive!

After we got the okay for the GT40R Turbo, we had to source out a Full Race twin scroll manifold. Unfortunantly, with our really tight schedule, Full Race told us that they’re close to 55 days back ordered. That didn’t quite give us a warm and fuzzy feeling since we are less than 2 weeks away.

Luckily, our good friends at Yimi Sport Tuning came to the rescue as Paul Leung had one that was supposed to be for his Legacy GT. We headed out to Yimi Sport Tuning and met up with Paul Yim and Paul Leung and we had the exhaust manifold in our hands!

This is the twin scroll up pipe. It’s made to hold two 44mm external wastegates and it weighs roughly 30 lbs. Yes, a 30lbs. up pipe and it’s big enough to do some damage haha.

The Manifold is a work of art. This piece is close is to 45 lbs and it’s extremely strong. We can’t wait to get this on to our Garrett Turbo!

We’d like to thank Paul and Paul from Yimisport Tuning for saving us the headache and if you ever need your Subaru or any other car tuned, we HIGHLY recommend Yimisport Tuning!!!


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