Yukio’s wagon is mostly stickerless but stickier with Bridgestone RE-11 Tires!

Yukio goes through tires and wheels like it’s going out of style but his streak is going to stop with this ultra sticky Bridgestone Potenza RE-11 tires! He couldn’t wait to get these bad boys on his Daily Driver Tommy Kaira wheels.

First off, the tires were a dream to mount. The rubber is a softer compound so we didn’t have to fight the mounting machine to get the Bridgestone RE-11 Tires on. Second, the tread pattern is just pain mean.

Yukio’s initial response to the tires when he took it on the road was extremely positive. “These tires are¬†noticeably quieter on the road than most of other competitors tires. They didn’t have that drone that kills the ride quality like other UHP tires. Secondly, the car handles like it’s a go-kart. Although I don’t drive extremely aggressively on the street since that should be done on the track, the harder turns that I take, the car goes into it, effortlessly.” With that kind of feed back, we’re super excited to see what capabilities these Bridgestone Potenza RE-11 tires have!

We would like to thank Bridgestone tires on their generous support and we hope to get real results on the track in less than a week!


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