New APR GTC300 wing is installed on the WRX and we’re the first ones with it

We stopped by APR Performance where our friend, KC showed us their new product, the FRP GTC-300 wing! KC asked us if we wanted their first one ever. It’s light weight, has the same characteristics of their Carbon version and it would be perfect for our WRX. How could we have said no?

When we first opened up the box and inspected it, the GTC-300 wing was absolutely beautiful. Looks painted right? Well, it’s not. It’s just polished! No need for paint! The weight is amazingly light as well.

Danny first proposed that he could hold the wing during the events while holding on to the trunk. That was obviously not going work. So he went to work on creating a base for the wing to go onto. With the trunk being a thin carbon unit, we had to make sure the stands are bolted securely onto the body itself. How did we do it? Let’s let Danny show you.

He first removed the factory springs and arms. Then he completely removed the trunk.

Next, we put the wing where we can bolt it down. Luckily, it lined up perfectly where Danny was wanting to put it!

Next, Danny measured everything out and then took those measurements and masked it off on the carbon trunk. He then cut it out.

The result, a cut trunk that is ready for the wing!

The result, an awesome wing from APR Performance! Normally, you would use their bases but in our case we wanted to retain the carbon trunk so we went this route.  If you have any questions or would like to order any APR Performance products, please don’t hesitate to contact us!


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