most recent pictures of the Red WRX!

As of late, the pictures and updates of the Red WRX have been about a couple weeks old. We now present you with pictures just taken last night! A lot of changes since the last update of the motor being put together.

The motor was dropped in… as they would say, “Like Buttah”. Here’s a shot from under the car looking twin external Turbosmart wastegates. Just need to get the dump tubes installed.

Danny then installed the Mature rear diffuser and we then installed the outstanding BuddyClub Racing Spec III Exhaust. The exhaust quality, looks, and craftmanship blew us away! It looks great, fits great, and overall is impressive. You can visit our online store HERE and order it at the same time!

We ordered our Full Blown twin Walbro fuel pump system thanks to Billy Brooks of MODE Racing! With the amount of boost and fuel that will be running through the motor the twin Walbros are needed to supply the necessary fuel. We may go with E85 and this system won’t be enough (can you imagine that?!?!?) so this may be a temporary solution.

Here’s the Pump being installed by Gino. We’re excited that it’s getting close to fire up!

Hotside of the GT4088R Twin scroll Garrett Turbo, Turbosmart Waste gate, and our custom made down pipe.

The custom made APR Performance front splitter has been reinforced with the stabilizer rods and with custom bracketed mounts to provide maximum rigidity.

Here’s a sneak peak on what the car looks like but currently it’s much more complete. Stay tuned for more detailed pictures!


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