The 2.5 closed deck STi hybrid motor gets put together in the red wrx!

We’ll do a bit of a flash back about 3 weeks ago when we were assembling the Outfront Motorsports 2.5 closed deck STi hybrid motor.

Here’s Danny (Donnie? Look at his name tag) and Tyler getting the block ready to mate with the 2.0 heads. 2.0 heads? Yes, both the Apollo Performance cars have the similar set up. Yukio’s wagon also has a similar set up but not as built as Gino’s sedan. The ARP head studs will aid in preventing the head from lifting with extreme boost and power.

Putting these studs in is a very time consuming and meticulous method. They are very sensitive so Danny (Donnie) took his time and put these studs in at the right torque spec and at the precise pattern.

We put the RC 1000cc Injectors and Agency Power Fuel Rails.

Here are the ported heads with the 280 BC Cams. Danny (Donnie) puts these heads on very carefully with the aid of his “lil buddy” Tyler. The heads were also milled out to support BC Valve springs and 1mm Valves.

Appolo Performance, Son! Wait… Appolo? Hrmmm hahaha

Ported heads? Yes Please.  Here’s the intake side of the heads.

Valve cover is put in place! Powder coaty sweetness.

TGV deletes and spacers are added! You can see the ported heads!  Wow, it’s starting to look like a motor!

Intake manifold reverse! Nice!

The Full Race Manifold stands by next to the Garrett GT4088R Twin Scroll turbo and our brand new Turbo Smart External wastegates. Excessive? Nope, just making awesome power!

Gates Timing belt with a Tomei Timing Built Guide!

Underside where you can see the exhaust side of the heads have been ported out! More updates to come!!!!!


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