Good Reason why you should take advantage of our Timing Belt Deal

So a few weeks ago, we had a customer come in with a WRX that was over heated, CEL on, and car just not wanting to start. With all the symptoms pointing towards head gasket we took the motor out and took off the cam covers and saw this:

Basically, the timing belt looks like it was ravaged by a crazed badger. In turn, this caused everything else to fail including the water pump and the pulleys.

THIS doesn’t usually happen unless you drive for some time with a shredded timing belt which this customer did. See, he has racing gauges but didn’t see the warning signs and proceeded to drive.

The friction of the belt going against the pulley was so intense that it actually scorched the metal! So, what did we learn? Well, if your Subaru is approaching close to 100k and you haven’t changed your timing belt, DO SO! Also, if you drive your car very aggressively you need to get this done.

So, if you haven’t heard that we’ve been posting like nuts on our Facebook Fan Page about our Timing Belt Specials for Subarus, well we’ll get EVERYTHING you need including the water pump, pulleys, belt, and labor for only $850.00!!! We  will require a $200 deposit when making your appointment but this deal won’t last long! So Contact us at (909)997-3418 or email us at apolloperformance1@yahoo.com!



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