A few updates with the Race Car…. almost there!

So, we’ve been doing what we can to make our debut for 2011 at Redline Time Attack Round 1 and come in like a Kanye West comes in to a club (Minus a Hypeman). We’ve done some more improvements on the race car.

First off is our nifty Killer Bee Larger Oil Pan with a pickup and baffle. That way we’ll be all good for oil supply! Additionally we used the DEI Gold Reflective Tape to deflect the eat from the exhaust manifold. The Manifold itself is coated still but we want to make sure that no additional heat will effect performance.

We hot tanked the heads also to make sure that we’ve taken out ALL of the debris from it.

We also added the DEI Gold reflective tape onto the firewall.

We had a new turbo blanket to put on our massive Garrett GT4088R Turbo. The hotside of the turbo tends to be very hot during racing conditions and this turbo blanket keeps the heat down. How much? Well, during some recent testing I was able to touch the blanket on the turbo while wearing a mechanic glove. That’s a pretty big difference.

Lastly, we added an AEM Serial Gauge which acts like 19 gauges in one. It hooks up directly to our AEM Stand Alone unit! With these goodies our car should be pretty good! We have a few more updates coming up!


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